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Any way, anyhow."I was hungry for poontang, domestic and foreign, and best of all?

These babes didn’t know shit about me except that I wasn’t from their hometown, so who would know?

A complete workaholic, Alex has been a manager in the same restaurant since she was sixteen, and enjoys writing freelance across all fields, from fashion to food to affairs of the heart.

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There's also the recent problem of HBO's lavishly made and recently canceled "Vinyl," about a struggling record label in the 1970s, which viewers promptly handed back with a notable lack of interest.

Yet anyone who has attended a concert and had the good fortune to make it backstage can attest to the supercharged feeling of it all - the smells, the banter, the giddy groupies, the bacchanal, the proximity to fame and the constant exertion of labor. Because it can also be terribly dull, once one has at last donned a backstage pass; it has a way of undermining the magic.

The list of reasons is as long as the winding road they live on.

I got on the road for one reason and one reason only: pussy."Sure, the love of music is what initially attracted me to the bright stage lights, but the moment I discovered the magical, almost hypnotic power that a laminated backstage pass swinging from a lanyard had on wide-eyed, high-heeled, short-skirted women, the love of the spectacle suddenly dissipated."When I was firmly planted on the road, I made it my mission to see, do, taste, visit, experience, and, above all, fuck everything I had only heard about in lyrics and read about in books."I started my long journey on the road one month after losing my virginity, so touristy shit was cool, but what I really wanted to do was what any young lad let loose night after night in a room full of girls would: fuck as many of them as I could get away with.

Or more specifically, a 45-year-old roadie named Jimmy (Ron Eldard), who, after a 20-year stint with Blue Öyster Cult, finds himself canned and forced to head home to his mother's place in Forest Hills, Queens.