Dating advice after third date

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I'm being "average", which Godin says is a marketer who doesn't have enough information to be accurate. I've been enjoying my time away, and I'm only a little curious as to if he will reach out to me at some point today.

Well, I have the info, but I've stopped taking the time to use it to get to that next date because it's taking way too much time. Mass marketing may be dead, but direct marketing to this guy might actually kill me.

Another client, who had unanticipated, mind-blowing sex with a woman he met online, needed a few days to digest the experience.

But in that time, the woman, who had hoped to receive more than a one-line text from him, had written him off.

This was certainly the case with a young male client who felt discouraged by his performance in the bedroom with his girlfriend of five days.