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I sort of scrambled up to my feet, which was probably the worst thing I could do, and he raised up on his hind legs, snuffling and snorting and eye-balling me.

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You say you really like this fella, so I recommend you work up the courage to set your fears aside and ask him.

When it comes to affairs of the heart, there are two big culprits — one is fear of being rejected and the other is that, just maybe, our hearts know we don’t like them quite as much as our brains let on.

George W Bush was also a New England guy that went country, Clint Black is another NJ born guy that is a true Texan.

Once I went country, I have absolutely no desire to live anywhere near a big city or near the Coasts.

I think they have a genetic defect that causes them to think they're God's gift to women. They're young, they're cocky, and they're sought after. Although, really, my main issue with the bull riders, besides the constant travel, was that so many of them had been riding from a really young age that they didn't really prioritize college educations..only have so many good years when you're a bull rider, because it's so hard on the body, and these guys usually prefer to stay on the circuit as long as they can..maybe school comes later, or not at all.