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I've said before, Fender could have made a few minor changes and called this a USA Vintage Series but instead they used this model to hit a price point slightly below the American Series, providing an excellent value for the money.

They sold new in 07 for 9 and have since been discontinued in favor of the 9 American Special.

You can attenuate your amp while simultaneously sending a quality mic feed to the FOH or mixing deck.

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Pickups are original Fender Hot Single Coils (Alnico 3) with the middle being reverse wound/reverse polarity, for traditional Strat tones.

Two minor mods, including upgraded bent steel saddles, thicker than stock ones, and a mini switch to turn on the bridge pickup which allows neck/bridge combination, and all 3 pickups simultaneously.

The volume controls the overall output level, and the tone controls the tone definition.

You can dial in quality tones - blues, funk, or rock, and its built with Jet Citys boutique-quality materials, specd by Jet City Amplification.

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