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I want to put it in my new house, but it needs a little bit of work.” Complete with metal legs, seat that swung open and closed, and inkwell, this desk is the real deal!

I know there are ways to restore some finishes with products like Restor-A-Finish and Rub and Buff…but this really didn’t look all that salvageable to me. My colleague wanted it to look as close to the original finish as possible, so no paint would be involved, outside of repainting the metal. It has always intimidated me because there is far less room for slop than there is with paint.

Antique school desks are found in personal collections and in museums.

A school desk signifies the institution of learning and a time in youth when children learned the basics of reading, writing and math.

Online auctions tend to have a variety of affordable types of antique school desks starting around $50. Some desks are more valuable due to their condition (the wood is not scratched, pitted or warped) and workmanship (the attention to detail and intricacy of design and manufacturer).