Dating antique spanish firearms

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The first model Burgess pump action shotguns are all pre-1899 production, since the second model was introduced in 1897, and production of the first model ended later that same year. Serial numbers for all Burgess shotguns begin at #1000.

Any Burgess that has no patent date marks later than 1896 can safely be presumed to be pre-1899 manufacture.

It is also noteworthy that the ATF letter on pre-1899s specifically addressed Model 1893 Turkish Mausers, that had their receivers re-heat treated and were then rebarreled for higher pressure 8x57 cartridges, in the1930s.

These even had their receivers prominently stamped with 1930s dates at the time that they were re-arsenalized. 2872--the so-called "Antique Firearm Safety Act", a bill sponsored by Congressman Hoeffel that would "..Federal law apply to antique firearms in the same way it applies to other firearms." Luckily, as of this writing, the bill died in committee and an insufficient number of co-sponsors.

(Sadly, registration looks inevitable within a few years unless there is a massive swing of the pendulum back toward a constitutional republic.)Q: I know of a Class 01 FFL who was told by the BATFE to stop building pre-1899 Mauser custom rifles because they then became "modern", manufactured on that date [of modification], not when the receiver was manufactured. The letter that I posted came directly from the ATF Firearms Branch and is hence definitive and authoritative. S., either a receiver was made before 1898 or it wasn't.