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The DJ Booth by the way is nothing but a black box.

When creating the original pictures, sometimes I saved the 3D files, and sometimes I saved the TIF file renders.

Anyways, here’s another preview of what I have been up to: Above is a new museum set, the old one was a screenshot from a video game, and looked lame.

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Ariane B looks (randomly) at the moon or at the starry night and will ask.

Virtually Date Ariane, Ariane Brodie or Ariane Barnes, version 7.2.

I was hoping to be finished by now but I keep getting distracted by other matters. The sequel is likely going to be in Visual Novel format, which means I can do things like have an actual plot, but it also means part of the process requires me to write a regular novel first, and since November is National Write a Novel Month, I’d like to participate and push myself to write the thing, instead of just the advanced outline I currently have.