Dating bad teeth

I didn't want him noticing me dissecting his mouth with my eyes, so I tried to be discreet on this mission I had in figuring out what bugged me so much.... The second date I just couldn't help my mission of trying to figure out wtf this obsession was with me and the weirdness with his mouth...guy talked so damn much that I finally figured it out during one of his elongated stories.

There is a cultural phenomenon that would explain why you will see so many Japanese people with "bad" teeth. We go to orthodontists and plastic surgeons to correct these faults.

for example, crooked or uneven teeth is considered an imperfection.

It was a little stressful but since that guy I always make sure that the guy has ‘teeth' and ones that are white! One commenter told her to “ask him about them before you just dump him over it.

Find out if he is considering getting them fixed or something and then decide.” Another said, “I cannot handle going for a man with bad teeth.

LMAO I think my boldness startled him and he said to me “Oh, I forgot to tell you no, ‘not on top' then went on with his story that a few years prior he had to get major work done and decided to get them all pulled instead..

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