Dating bucilla kits

I’m thinking at some point in those dreary winter months I should have a “Sale of the Year” with prices chopped – wouldn’t that be nice?Thing is, though that only newsletter subscribers are going to even know there is a special offer available. Last month I offered 15% off the first kit and 20% off the next ones of equal or lesser value.

Some are more advanced designs, while others can be completed in an afternoon. They'll treasure these handcrafted gifts, and you can fill them with all sorts of goodies that adults will love, such as lotions, candles, teas, coffees, cookies, fudge, and even gift certificates.

For kids, fill stockings with small toys, such as bubbles, books, crayons, markers, puzzles, cars, stuffed animals, and more.

I do, however have a second kit, also in the lovely shades of rose, and this one is complete and unopened.

I’m offering several purchase options on this duo: Above and below are shots of the stamped applique fabric, plus the binding and stems.

Some are very elaborate, with cross stitching over the entire stocking.