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When you’re playing the dating game, a coach can also help you get better.

Apply for a Complimentary Session To apply for your complimentary session (value: $497), click on the button below. The dating game has changed a lot since you were single, but don't let that frighten you or keep you from getting back out there.

We will help you jump back in the game at a pace you feel comfortable.

A Dating Coach will help you if you are having trouble finding and keeping the right man.

We will elevate you to become the kind of woman who is open to love and easily attract the man of her dreams.

Men Will Want to Be in a Long Term Relationship With You We'll show you what you're doing to scare men off after a few dates.

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    The women in the story speak of the “cost-benefit” analyses of having a relationship, and the “low risks and low investment costs” of hooking up versus putting the time and energy into a real friendship, which, they argue, may not lead to anything long term.

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    Here's my problem, feel free to skip over it and post your own if that's what you fancy. Dated my ex for 6 years, madly in love, we had argument, didn't speak for a few days, she said she still loves me but is not in love with me and doesn't feel the spark, we tried to be friends, inevitably grew apart, haven't spoken much since christmas and not seen each other since christmas eve and now she seems to be worming her way back into my life slowly however i've found another girl who i'm dating and another who keeping talking to me (however she has a kid and i'm not ready to play step-father).