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Codependent and Unhealthy Helping Mindtraps Personality and Relationships Made In Codependence Hell Parents of Grads, Beware of the Enabling Zone What you describe is enabling - one aspect of codependency.

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In the codependent relationship, the other’s dependence on the helper is also profound.

The other is bound to the helper because the helper’s lengthy aid has impeded their maturity, life skills, or confidence, or enabled their addiction, or poor mental or physical health, making them dependent on the helper’s assistance.

However, there will be circumstances in which breaking free from a codependent relationship means breaking up.

If your partner has abused you in the past and/or refuses to get help for self-destructive behavior, you owe it to your own health, happiness and safety to move on from this person.

But it’s important to recognize that no person or relationship should be the sole source of satisfaction in your life, and if you’re feeling trapped, it’s a sign your relationship is blocking you from true happiness.