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Learn to do it yourself, something my mother forced me to do. They are used to getting attention all the time, so if you shower her with it, she might lose interest quickly.Then you can share these responsibilities like you someday can share the tab when you go out. At the same time, if you don’t show her enough, she can easily find someone who will.You can usually tell when a woman is interested, either by the way they flirt with you or stare at you, or, in some cases, when they make the first move by telling you directly that they like you, sometimes with a kiss.

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“Did you know we’re a couple,” the guy asked, and my friend said, “No,” and then he left and never talked to her again. He started bringing each future girlfriend to his dilapidated house and if he saw a look of horror on her face, he brought her home and never looked back.

“Somebody else could take them to the big dance,” he wrote. I didn’t mind.” The lesson: stay away from extremes, so…

The other side of this is that guys have to change too.

No more expecting your girlfriend to cook for you and clean up after you all the time.

This falls along the same lines of being humble, not trying to prove you have a lot of money.