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We’ve relegated dads to a last-minute interview before engagement when God meant for them to be active, available agents of wisdom and safekeeping. Foolish dads relish the gun-bearing, tough-guy role.The wise dads relish the opportunity to develop a real, intentional, grace-and-truth relationship with the man who might be tasked with caring for their daughter for the rest of her life.I think most men wait for the suitor to come knocking, asking for the daughter’s hand in marriage. There are too many blessings to be had before she’s a fiancée.

In the first pages of Scripture, we find that great love story of Isaac and Rebekah.

Completely apart from Isaac, Abraham sends another guy off to find his son a wife.

Emily has $200 left over from her savings for school and offered it to Laura, but she refused to take it. It is not for you to second-guess the warranty choices "Laura" made when she purchased this computer.

Her friends and her school were here; she is also closer to me than her mother. She saw a bottle of unused Champagne and started to put it in Laura's fridge when it opened and sprayed the floor. Emily moved it onto a chair and wiped down whatever liquid was on the case and continued to clean the room. She met up with Laura and told her what had happened and that she had moved her computer out of the way. She then went to a computer tech, and he quoted $850 to fix it. Laura did not have an accidental coverage warranty. But people still have to be responsible for the consequences when property is damaged because of accidents they caused.

Trade distant, hands-off fear tactics for some faithful, down-to-earth discipleship.