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Graduate students and postdocs juggle so many responsibilities that career exploration is rarely a priority.Given the complex nature of exploration for those with an advanced degree, a starting point is not always obvious, let alone the time to take action on an idea or lead.She spoke to some graduate students and postdocs, who voiced their worries about entering the workforce from an international background.

“We call it ‘speed networking,’” explains Marcie Kirk Holland, Director of the ICC.

“The idea is to gain exposure to a number of professions in a short span of time.

At least one of the career specialists said, ‘This is terrific, we’ll be back! Hye-Youn Park, is just as enthused when she takes a moment to speak about the new event. Sometimes, while doing their degrees, they get lost—they think about classes, dissertations.

But at one point, they have to graduate and be in the work force.

“I can feel some people’s pain because they’re anxious about getting a job offer, especially with the language barrier,” she says.