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There was such a great sense of camaraderie back then, it was such a great time.""The Little Steven thing is kind of crazy for me.

He'd somehow heard my record and really liked it a lot and ended up coming to a couple of our shows in New York City, so I'd talked to him here and there.

I really feel lucky that I can make a living and live my life doing what I love to do, which is more than I could have ever hoped for.

From SPIN: Detroit garage-rock posse The Dirtbombs have been doing their thing since 1992 and, as the story goes, have been promising an album’s worth of bubblegum tunes for a decade. While one might assume the Dirtbombs would choose a few classics to cover for their fifth album — previous sets have found them paying tribute to Motown hits and local techno greats — the new LP is 100 percent original.

After the last show in San Diego the "I was at the wheel, Jeff was navigating and Wes was sitting on the floor in the back, watching dvds on the computer with an ashtray in one hand and a beer in the other.