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Thanks peeps If you live out of a sea kayak like my Epic Endurance , it's only 21.5 inches wide and approx.18 ft long. Florida/Ultimate Florida Simon Osborne set off from Holyhead in Wales in a journey that took six weeks,paddling a 900-mile voyage in a kayak around Ireland ending in Dublin .now i seem to be single again i might just do and to hell with mortgages and council tax!

I have watched some of those Alaska cabin programs.

Grow my veg, hunt my meat that would be my idea of a life! I have all the community I need people help each other and if I want to be on my own I more on my own.

It was only 45 ft so pretty compact but the 72ft are much easier to live in.

Also mine was a traditional wooden boat much better to go for a modern steel boat.

I was talking to a couple of people who have made the move and who love it.