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All things being equal, no Malawian single lady prays to marry a guy she’s earning more than; very uncommon in Malawi. Let’s all wake up to the reality and pray that President Mutharika and his team bring about the positive change in Malawi’s economy to help curb this societal pressure.

But then, we have few single guys in Malawi who earn that kind of income most Malawian single ladies desire from their preferred partner.

And the answer is yes, anybody who desires to marry ought to marry, but is that the case today? Many young men want to marry, but the truth is that their pocket isn’t encouraging to take that bold step that marriage requires.

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You can hardly discover this secret organisation policy until you are among the top management.

If you doubt this, try and go to Victoria Avenue in Blantyre during close of work; 5 – 6pm (Monday – Friday), and you will notice higher number of young pretty females leaving their office premises in good cars, with few young guys leaving their workplaces in a car.

My personal study into this recent development showed that most Malawian organisation boss who are mostly men above 45years, prefer to hirer pretty single ladies for non-engineering positions, which put guys in the non-engineering sectors at high risk of not securing good jobs when competing with ladies for same job position.

I also discovered that most multinational firms have a policy that encourages female gender empowerment, which make their HR team give preferential treatment to ladies seeking for same position with a male job applicant during recruitment exercise.

The earlier we Malawians realise the dangers of having more young guys without good job, the better for us as a nation that wish to grow and have a happy, crime-free society.