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One night he trashed the kitchen because we ate his food, he freaked out! I'll never forget those days it was great."I'm pretty sure that Marshall Tucker was either the fellow who owned the old hall that the band used to rehearse at..." That's the story I know, about the band got their name. the only "truth" that matters is what a GREAT song "Can't You See" is and always will be! Toy received another call and got diverted for half a day .. I agree with ms abbie..really all that aside..most endearing signature of the marshall tucker band was that thumb of toy caldwell..cast a tone to that les paul that I have yet to hear from anyone else...great stuff...enjoyed the one brief moment in the CMT show called "southern rock" back in 04...where toy was hammering down on the solo to "cant you see"...was a classic moment indeed... however , " Can't You See " brings me to Collingswood NJ and 1973 . I lived with Jamison , played music with him , made many trips to the Cherry Hill music city store for amps and guitars . Jamison Smoothdog, Jimmy Hendrich Was a neighbor of mine In collingswood where he had His last 2 Collectable stores Before His passing..

I was born in Atlanta and have lived in Georgia all of my life. She continually attempted to lure him back into the relationship. one day she called him and told him to come and get the dog... Played the regent sessions with him and have full knowledge of the song in question . I used to live upstairs from him when I was wanting to be a chef....

I may be the only person that ever co-wrote a song with him and arranged many of his tunes.

We did have a falling out and never got to make up as he passed away.

I just knew it was his, he didn't even have to convince me, but I asked him anyway, so what happened? ) who wrote 'Get Together', supposedly selling the rights for $200 to make a car payment, and never receiving a nickel more.