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Magazine®, Life Extension has been funding many researchers who have been denied funding by the federal government.

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João Pedro de Megalhães from the University of Liverpool, UK, attempted to analyze the naked mole rat genome with the couple, but could not find genes which explained either the longevity or the cancer-resistance. The next year the couple co-authored a review of cancer resistance and longevity in many species that was the cover story of the August 2014 issue of More recently, the couple has compared the genomes of mice, naked mole rats, and humans, finding support for the idea that genome maintenance (DNA repair) is important for longevity and cancer-resistance.

of supercentenarians (people living to age 110 or older) to discover protective genes that allow them to live so long.

Belancio has found that an antibody can also be used to reduce retrotransposon-induced genetic instability.

A startup company that Life Extension has been funding is Advanced Neural Biosciences (ANB).

Androcyte has also received two elderly Arabian mares 28 and 30 years old (age-equivalent to 80-year-old humans) from a sanctuary.