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You say that you have many opportunities to date women closer to your own age.

This is the population from which you are more likely to find someone whose interests, goals and lifestyle are compatible with your own.

Though men have been enjoying May-December romances forever, women haven’t been afforded the same freedom necessarily.

In fact, I'm still attracted to the same type of woman who has always piqued my interest -- women in their late-20s or early-30s.

I have more offers than I can handle to date women who are closer to my own age, but I can't help the fact that I really want to date younger women.

Pop star Shakira is involved with a man 10 years her junior.

Actor Hugh Jackman has been married to Deborra-Lee Furness for 17 years. A recent article in magazine looked at a handful of real-life May-December romances, focusing mainly on those between older women and younger men.

Most young women who are attracted to older men seek surrogate father figures, maturity to balance their own insecurity, or someone with the means and inclination to be a "sugar daddy." Many marriages between a younger woman and older man are loving and successful.

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    It’s not an age thing – some women are younger than girls. While it can be difficult to tell the two apart, there are 10 obvious giveaways: Women understand that being provocative isn’t the only way to be sexy.

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    Internet horror stories passed around on forums and other sites to disturb and frighten readers.