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Did you work up to being able to speak your truth in hip-hop and be like, “I know y'all gon’ compare me to the men” or did you always know like, “Fuck it, this is who I am.” Before, I didn't really know. I didn’t look at it [as] me being the first gay rapper or the hottest female rapper anymore. Now it’s just me focusing on music and just breaking down whatever barriers [are] in my way.I looked at the music industry as what they displayed it to be. As a queer woman growing up in the hood, I feel you're bringing a perspective that folks don't see a lot.I got out of [that] point so I feel like that’s more my story: not giving a fuck anymore.

There's more people in that position than there is in the higher position.

When I start getting Lambos and Benzes and stuff, then I'ma talk about it.

Everybody wanna pretend to be this way or be rich and feel like they got money and that don't always be the case.

I don't mind talking about me driving in a Hyundai.

A establishes herself as a quintessential New York MC — clever, boastful, and occasionally a little dark. What is it about this summer that made it your summer? We don’t set goals because goals [are basically like] you preparing to stop.