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Abrash also is indication of traditional materials and dyeing practices.

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The most classic pattern is the garden design of repeated squares or diamonds, each of which encloses a tree or blossom motif. A tribe located mostly in western Iran which is known for weavings of rugs having compartments filled with brightly colored garden motifs.

Rugs can be either single wefted on cotton foundation (village rugs) or double wefted on wool foundation (nomadic rugs).

The city of ARDABIL(ARDEBIL) is located at distance of 639 kilometers from TEHRAN.

Ardabil is also well known for probably the most famous carpet in the world, this rug was approximately made around 1539.

At the time where Ardeshir Babakan ascended to the power, diverse rules already had been established. After its death in 241 DC, its son, Shahpour I, Ascended to the throne.