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I must assume that such information is reliable and the writers did not set out to deceive.

(This assumption must be made about any historical document before it is examined.) Therefore if I find apparent contradictory evidence in the text, I will first assume that a problem exists in my understanding rather than the text.

The Exodus occurred therefore roughly 1,981 967 480 years ago (see Appendix 2) or 3,428 years ago or 1447 ± 1 year. As the chronologist compares the family trees or chronologies in the Bible, it is interesting to note that these lists use only whole years (e.g. Anywhere in this period of 12 months they are still 44.

This introduces a margin of error of up to 12 months or 1 year for each person or event in such a list.

As the Bible records the Flood a significant time before the Exodus, let us examine data which will take us back before this event.