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He won’t be able to mesh easily with your crowd and will stick out like a graying, sore thumb at parties attended by fresh-faced 25-year-olds. These women will specifically go out of their way to make you feel unwelcome in their crowd.

You become an automatic threat to them by being naturally prettier and having the all-powerful asset of youth.

This may not be the case, but whether it is or not, taking on daily public scrutiny like this is no picnic.

It will happen a whole lot earlier for him than it will for you, so you’ll get jealous of his increased free time while he’ll start demanding more of your attention to fill up his long, empty hours, even though you’re still an occupied professional.

Though this list may sound like it’s targeted toward young ladies seriously contemplating shacking up with a significantly older man (because it partially is), it’s also for those men who believe proposing to someone in her 20s as they approach 50 is a grand idea.

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    Thus, the concept of marriage is changing widely in many countries.

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    The park is 21 miles from Mount Dora, near Leesburg.

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    The two men and a woman apparently had planned to rob an acquaintance: but the homeowner resisted the threat, drawing his semiautomatic handgun and shooting the two men.