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Or that the blog just makes people feel good about their lives because it is much more optimistic than other writing on the topic, and this motivates them to try some new things?

There are several psychological principles at work that make all this work on a practical level: So there you have it, from the perspective of both the motivational speaker, and the engineer.

But if you’ve ever been to a bar and watched a less-attractive friend have far greater success in attracting mates, or worked in an office where you notice that many of the people in highly paid senior positions are less competent and intelligent than yourself, you know there is something fishy about the theory that luck and birthright alone deliver our fate.

And that’s where we get to secret weapon of Optimism that I’ve brought to you today.

This stuff really works on other people and on ourselves, and it’s the source of most of the “luck” we experience in our lifetimes.