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Add onto that tickets held for promoters, managers, record label bosses, and it turns out very few tickets actually make it to general sale at all - and you definitely won’t get that prime seat, as they’ve already gone to the most important people in the room.Thirdly - and most shockingly - the ex-CEO claims promoters purposely sell tickets to touts or sell directly on the second-hand market themselves. Because instead of openly charging more money, promoters can sell tickets on second-hand websites for inflated prices without seeming like the 'bad guys' selling super expensive tickets.He doesn’t detail what this system is, admitting it is unproven and risky to implement as may violate customer privacy, but the technology apparently exists.

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While not practical for smaller events, for things like the Super Bowl this should be applicable.

Thirdly, Hubbard suggests a screening system that checks whether you are a real fan.

It turns out you never stood a chance of getting those tickets.

Perhaps you live in the US and were hoping to go to the Super Bowl?

For instance, despite Adele’s best efforts to deny these people tickets, some were selling for upwards of £24,000 on resale websites.