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The second part is the assumption that his motivation for doing so is that he wants fun banter.For the first part, the advice or recommendation from a good friend who knows you and your preferences is better than the equivalent from 50 strangers who posted a Yelp! For the second part, it reveals a lot of insecurity in your that you would respond in this manner because your boyfriend happens to enjoy bantering with his friends.

For instance, that she posted an article on Huffington Post about how you’re micro-cheating.

The other time is when the girlfriend is pathologically unable to deal with anything except her emotional perspective, through writing an article on Huffington post about how you’re micro-cheating.

However, she also demonstrates some rather ill-fated personality characteristics that men should look out for when dating, among others possessiveness, a penchant for drama, and paranoid personality traits that I covered in my series on female madness.

There are two parts to this statement, first is the assertion that he could easily Google it, and yes he could, these days, anything can be easily Googled.

It can also be a hint to his present girlfriend that he wants her to put as much effort into her appearance as the other woman.