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Still, I'll ask her out again — more in hope than expectation.But even if she doesn't reply, she's restored my faith that there are nice women on the internet. Weds, | By Maeve Hosea As the internet dating market continues to grow, online matching services are employing increasingly sophisticated data analysis techniques to find the perfect partner for their users.She was also funny, for a girl, and generally nice and interesting. I've mentioned I had no grand expectation for this date, and maybe that's why the previous evening I had failed to prevent myself getting incredibly drunk on a night out in Finchley. But there have been occasions — often, although not exclusively, when there's an attractive girl involved - where this easy charm has completely eluded me and I have come across as a colourless squib. Kate would sparkle; tell an engaging tale about a holiday in Botswana, or an amusing school friend. Then when it was my turn to speak, I just sat there blankly.

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Sure, she looked alright in her profile but I knew there would be something wrong.

Maybe she'd have a grating laugh, or a racist streak, or three eyes.

As if expleted from the mouth of a streetwise gazelle. As in, hit my head on it, rather than voluntarily gone inside to make a purchase.

Not a good first impression: hi I'm Dan, and I'm a pisshead. The rest of the time I just grunted in agreement and tried to force a cheeky smile.

One, she was clever — comfortably cleverer than me.