Dating someone unattractive

It makes you talk too much and too loudly, and it causes you to become repetitive and boring. Nothing is more likely to turn your partner sour than letting your tongue take over and chatting continuously, without pause, until it’s time to go home.

People like to listen and be listened to, and hogging the conversation in its entirety is likely to lead to an early night.

To share them with all and sunder in your immediate vicinity is rude, inconsiderate, and downright disgusting. Some among us, especially certain ladies, feel it is fine to be late to a date.

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It would be nice to say that when you go on a date, especially your first date, that you should just be yourself and everything else will fall into place.

However, in solely practical terms, that just isn’t the case.

NEWSFLASH – this kind of behavior isn’t going to impress anyone.

All it’s going to do is convince them that you’re a bully, and that once familiarity creeps in, they will experience similar treatment from you.

So, read on for our top-ten list of immature dating habits that, if you are occasionally guilty of, need to be sent packing. Some people think it’s their God-given right to dress how they normally do when attending a date, even if that means donning their egg-stained T-shirts and stinking old sneakers.