Dating someone with divorced parents

As parents, we want what’s best for our children and we want to shield them from pain but unfortunately the simple act of the divorce can take a tremendous toll on our child’s well-being.However, fortunately, there are certain things you can do, and be aware of as a parent, to minimize these negative experiences and help your child move through this time in both your lives in a healthy and positive way.Your child can know and respect that you’re feeling sad or angry but details don’t need to be shared as it puts the child in the position of confidante and makes them the adult. At the same time you’re dealing with overcoming your own relationship with your ex and developing a new one.

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Additionally, we asked parents themselves what they would suggest is a definite "don’t" for any parent of divorce.

Through this, and through our own experiences helping children of divorce through my program , we’ve compiled a list of the Top Ten Don’ts for any parent going through a divorce: 1.

Often times, children used in this way grow into adults who want nothing to do with the parent who put them into those situations. Don't give too much information Yes you want your child to know what’s going on in the divorce and how things like scheduling will affect them. Details that don’t apply — division of assets and other adult topics — should be avoided when they are around.

READ: How Children of Painful Divorce Can Seek Closure as Adults 5.

However, now you only have a relationship with this individual because they are your child’s parent.

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