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According to William of Malmesbury, in 1125, Reims was home to a church that had an organ powered by air escaping from compression "by heated water", apparently designed and constructed by professor Gerbertus.

Among the papers of Leonardo da Vinci dating to the late 15th century is the design for a steam-powered cannon called the Architonnerre which works by the sudden influx of hot water into a sealed red hot cannon.

Here at Model Steam Engines UK you will find the Cotswold Heritage range of Model Steam Engines and Kits for the Model Engineer to machine.

Our miniature steam engines and models steam plants are manufactured in our facility near the historic town of Stratford upon Avon.

The enthusiastic team behind this exciting range of model steam engines is pleased to meet customers in the show room (with prior appointment) and share the world of Cotswold Heritage Steam Engines.