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Signs that suggest violent behavior is imminent include antisocial beliefs and behaviors, use of drugs and alcohol, gang involvement, lack of commitment to school, victim of teasing or bullying, poor anger management and conflict resolution skills, and interpersonal problems Over the last century many different workbooks, workshops, and self-help systems have been designed to help people explore ways of safely dealing with teen violence.

In the past twenty years, many research studies have focused on the value of self-reflection and journaling as a way of exploring personal characteristics, identifying ineffective behaviors, and examining thoughts and feelings that lead to these ineffective behaviors.

This report concludes that shelters are in an ideal position to do important and urgent work with infants affected by family violence and to enhance mother/infant bonds.

It also suggests that it is important for specialist children's services and child and adolescent mental health services support this work. Crisis accommodation workers are often the first point of contact or "first aid" for mothers and their infants seeking refuge from family violence.

Participants will develop an awareness of the violence that they are exposed to daily.