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In other words, your ideal users of a product or service give feedback, which then determines what kind of content you’ll create on a regular basis. The public determines whose idea, article, product or concept gets shared or funded. Most campaigns languish unnoticed for days, until a few people donate some money. So, It gives me an idea of what my target audience is talking about and I can learn from experts in the process. Click the most interesting or relevant headline and read the answers from users. There are currently 16 different answers for this question.

If I were to write a book or course, the ideas on Quora would be helpful. On the homepage, type in your primary keyword (e.g., ). The above screenshot is just one of the answers, but you can imagine how much high-quality content you could create from this one answer.

Strictly speaking, Google isn’t an advertising company. Every tool, platform and device that they design has one purpose: to get data from users and use it to build a stronger system.

Plug your site URL into the search box and click the “Log in with Google” button. From the analysis above, you can see that loads quickly and that the page size is 575.9KB with 33 requests.

This looks pretty good, but there’s room for improvement.

But, the ones in the screenshot above are 72 and 73 characters, respectively.

This is one of the headlines: Daily Simplicity: 13 Habits That Will Make Your Life Lighter and Higher ~ 72 characters Let’s reduce it to 65 characters or less, while retaining the keywords and intent: Daily Simplicity: 13 Habits For Living A Lighter and Higher Life ~ 64 characters 13 Personal Habits To Live a Lighter and Higher Life ~ 53 characters Note: This single tweak may not improve the page rankings or authority, but it will get more clicks. Quick Sprout is the SEO tool that I use to ensure the efficient performance of my web pages.

) into the search box, fill out the CAPTCHA box and click “suggest.” Step #2: Pick your long-tail keywords, which are based on user Google searches.