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While the twentysomething professional crowd has hotspots in trendy areas where aspiring yuppies can meet each other, and the hipster music scene can be navigated by the few that are in the know, large chunks of the single-but-seeking population are more or less homeless on the dating landscape.The internet fills this role in some ways, but many people are still skeptical and have trust issues associated with the digital realm.

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Then again, I may have it all wrong, as most of my experience is secondhand.

I was a graduate student for most of my post-college single life and I met my wife when I was 23.

However, if you're not from Cincinnati and new to town... The minute you open your mouth and tell a potential date you're from out of town, they split. I NEVER had this problem in Pittsburgh or Columbus.

Cincinnati's dating scene sucks, and it sucks BADLY. If you were born or raised in Cincinnati, Covington, Newport, or the surrounding towns; you should have no problems meeting anyone.

But you don't know what baggage they might be carrying and people are always trying to put their best foot forward.