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I used all of your tips and within less than 48 hours I’ve already had 10 women correspond with me.

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It just took one video from his product for me to go on match, write one message, and get an awesome reply from a pretty girl who I have been able to have two amazing dates with so far!

I even had to choose between about 3 girls of whom I wanted to invest most of my attention to.

I searched for help on Google and You Tube and applied some of the principles I read about, but nothing changed.

I finally came across David’s website and he convinced that his Online Dating Secrets would definitely work, boy was he right!

When I get better, I’m hoping next year I wanted to sign up for your online dating make over package as I really enjoyed the videos of you coaching people as they date online.” Sidd M. Lots of so-called "experts" will claim to know how to help you achieve real (and even unbelievable) success in online dating, but how do you know they REALLY know what they’re talking about? " I can tell you about the thousands of clients I’ve coached, and about the hundreds of television shows, magazines and newspapers which have sought out my advice on this subject…but how do you know this will work? This is not your typical "how to" program that gives you tips, lists and "do’s and don’ts" to teach you.