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Then she saw Buono on EWTN and signed up in April 2008.

He joined in November 2009 because, he said, “I wanted to meet a woman who was really Catholic and believed in our Church.” Three months later, he stopped at Donna’s profile when he was scrolling through listings and left her a message.

About 75 percent of the reported marriages are between people who lived distances apart.

They share their faith and life experiences and they go right to the heart of the matter.

They hit the ground running.” Anthony Buono of Front Royal, Va., founded Ave Maria 13 years ago.

“I thought that I didn’t have to worry about meeting him because I wasn’t going to Montana,” said Donna Berry. Our fingers were flying [on the keyboards] for the next two nights, then we talked on the phone. Dan and Donna Schoo of Dekalb, Ill., 59 and 57, respectively, met on Ave Maria and got married in 2002.

We shared a lot of things about our lives, and we shared our devotions to our Catholic faith.” He went to Oklahoma to meet her and her family and on a later visit, he proposed to her on bent knee in front of her daughters. They remained married members who answer questions.

Leon, who asked that his last name not be used, of Houston, Texas, was divorced 19 years ago, applied for an annulment last year, and won’t date until it’s final.