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“Stephanie will do a fabulous job,” said Keith Trent. We’ll continue to grow under Stephanie.” Carl Caldwell, vice president for academic affairs at AU, which oversees the center, said Peslis raised awareness of character development to significant levels in the community and university.

“As a result of his efforts, students are better prepared than ever to assist in schools as teachers,” he said.

In May 2008, Patty released her 30th recording, “Songs for the Journey,” which includes cover versions of well-known hymns and modern gospel classics.

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Click on a title to look inside that book (if available): by Randall Herbert Balmer Patty remains married to Don Peslis, and they have adopted a child, bringing the number of children the couple has from present and past marriages to a total of eight.

References: Sandy Smith, “The Resurrection of Sandi Patti,” Nashville ...

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