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All with a social call to action at the end, they participate in polls, watch videos that link to stories and can engage in anonymous chat rooms.Experts come on to the chat rooms to discuss sexual topics and allow users to ask personal questions anonymously.m Health activities come in the form of appointment reminders, community mobilization and health promotion, emergency toll-free telephone services, health call centres, health surveys, information initiatives and patient monitoring among others.

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Thus non-profit mobile technology is not aimed at advanced smart phones, but ranges from sending out bulk SMSs to USSD, mobi-sites and mobile communities.

Apps Africa writes the next 1 Billion phone users will come from Rural areas [2] The ultimate aim of non-profit mobile technology is to make it free, or as near to free for the end user.

One of the mobile technologies developed by Praekelt Foundation is a mobile community called Young Africa Live (YAL).

Users do not need to have airtime or data bundles on their phones to use it.

m Health is using mobile technology to provide groups with health information.