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To see that you have become celebrity in your dreams suggests that you are having unrealistic ambitions that are not practical to achieve at this time.

To see another known person becoming a celebrity in dreams signify that you are questioning the devotion of this person or may be feeling jealous about his achievements.

" aha she took offence to that and started avoiding me.. I then left the shop ending up in a small town that I guess was some what of a camp and Tyler was there walking around, eventually sitting at a table signing autographs and meeting fans.

I was to shy to meet him and only admired him from far distance.

The text To observe a popular celebrity in your dreams signify your admirations to the skills and qualities that person acquire. And belong to category Dream Dictionary I had a dream I was very close friends with Kim Kardashian. She was nice to me the whole dream and I felt like she was a sister. I remember people using hoverboards or segways to get around because it was so big. I remember seeing kendall and this was after she came back from her victorias seceret weekend.

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