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If this works for you, then you’ll need to restart it again whenever you reboot.If it still won’t start, then there’s probably some software which is missing, and I’d recommend reinstalling everything.

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This doesn’t make much sense technically, and the solution to the problem is just as convoluted, but it seems to work for some people.

It goes like this: if you shut down all network services, then Qmaster won’t go looking for ports, and it will startup without failing.

If this is not the problem, then it could be that the Qmaster configuration is wrong. I’ve never changed the Qmaster preferences, but for some reason, something changed them, maybe an install of another Apple product, maybe a crashed or cancelled Compressor session, who knows.

Final Cut Studio apparently includes a System Preferences pane for Qmaster.

Typically you then get an error dialog which says “Unable to connect to background process”, at which point Compressor cancels the job, and Final Cut returns you to editing mode.