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I don't mind admitting I am head over heels in love, but I'm not thinking of marriage. I'm only 23..." Gently squeezing her hand, David echoes her sentiments, adding, "We are blissfully happy as we are and pretty much inseparable." Probably because they are so close, he found it hard watching her intimate onscreen scenes in The Forsyte Saga."It was confusing for me at first, but after watching her at work it was fine," he admits.All I think now is, “How long is this going to last? They’re always better-looking and cooler than everyone else,’ he said.

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’ sparking a year-long chase (he finally gave up after she turned down an invitation to his after-Brits party in favour of Duran Duran).

She told me during that first interview that after her years as a model she had developed a ‘radar for good guys’, and then went on to explain why she had instead fallen for a washed-up pop star from a very uncool band with a drink problem who was eight years younger than her.

”,' said Emma (pictured hosting The Voice)‘I do remember getting asked to present ITV2’s I’m A Celebrity... with Matt after he’d been in the jungle in 2006 and won it, and telling him I’d only got the job because of him.

'About six or eight years ago I thought I should just give up, I met [This Morning presenter] Ruth Langsford.

"I am not raped like Irene was by Soames in the first series," she says. Some might see it as a little over the top, but others might consider it rather tame. They go with the job." The second series, which ends on Sunday night, has moved John Galsworthy's family saga on to the years after Queen Victoria's death.