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Ancient Scandinavian sagas refer to a land called Eistland, as the country is still called in Icelandic, and close to the Danish, German, Dutch, Swedish and Norwegian term Estland for the country.

Early Latin and other ancient versions of the name are Estia and Hestia.

Estonia is a developed country with an advanced, high-income economy that is among the fastest growing in the EU. One hypothesis regarding the modern name of Estonia is that it originated from the Aesti, a people described by the Roman historian Tacitus in his Germania (ca. The historic Aesti were allegedly Baltic people, whereas the modern Estonians are Finno-Ugric.

Coping with the reality of losing so much time and having done so many things (often highly embarrassing things) of which I have zero recall hasn’t been easy for me.

I recognize that my amnesia may well be my mind’s way of protecting me from myself, from reliving painful events, but that doesn’t make it any easier to accept. It doesn’t matter if the thief is doing it for the victim’s own good. In my case, and in the case of many others who experience similar amnesia as a result of mania and psychosis—where perpetrator and victim are one and the same— coping can seem downright impossible.

It’s as though someone has stolen my memories, and I don’t like the idea that such a thing is even possible.

Memories aren’t like alarm clocks or artwork—you can’t just replace them.

I enjoy hot showers, spa treatments, and nice hotels far too much for that.