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You can win him back, but happily ever after is going to take some work on your part first. A little chaotic and hypersensitive to just about everything. This is all normal, including the panicked thoughts about how to win back your ex boyfriend. But that voice really is up to no good; it is the beaten down and broken-hearted part of you that simply isn’t capable of thinking clearly.I'm going to share with you six phases you're going to push through during this period. Desperate to get him back and clueless about how to accomplish that. Once, after a particularly bad breakup, I spent an entire week in my apartment with the blinds closed and the phone unplugged. It is a post-breakup haze that can drown out all reasonability; a voice in your head telling you to text your ex at 3 in the morning to tell him how much you miss him, because surely that is how to win him back. And if you truly want to know how to win your ex boyfriend back, you have drown out that voice.

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In fact, what you really want is for your ex to think you have moved on with ease…

Not that you are constantly battling “I want him back” thoughts. But this is how you start to get into his head; it is how you speak to his ego and leave him questioning his importance in your life.

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