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You are confused, you can be a Lahori or a Californian, fusion never [email protected] Paracha I know that you have been given freedom to write. How can you use the word of Allama F-16 Iqbal for Allama Muhammad Iqbal? Apart from this your article is totally against the facts for e.g Is India not stopping Pakistan's water against the treaties?

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He tweets @Nadeemf Paracha In the blog there is oversimplification of your targets and you have directed all the ammo into one spot assuming it will hit them all. NFP, whether it will have a reach to your target audience. Truth is you offer just another narrative that best fits your idelogical beliefs.

This happens when someone is motivated for or against some ideology. for, ii.against, iii.confused, depending on the ideological background of the reader her/him self. Leave that aside, you are doing a great job for your country, salutes to you. Unfortunately, the english language has only 26 letters in its alphabet. I don't have much command over the queen's lingua, anyway. Thats fair enough but dont close the door of reason this is the path of the arrogant.

In my opinion, 99% of people in ages of 16-28 have the same views that you stated in the article. I dont know why we as pakistanis are so stuck ups on the past and unwilling to move forward. blame zardari, blame america, blame taliban, blame blackwater and so on. It's the second article in a row he's done that, seems to be obsessed with it.

Nadeem, like your rightist counter part Zahid Hamid, you're an embarrassment.

Regardless it is clear that no matter what Paracha writes, he will always defend PPP.