Xxxchatfree - First telephone call online dating

When one of your online matches gives you his phone number, write him back and thank him.Tell him that you are looking forward to talking with him and ask him when would be a good time to call.

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When you are ready to talk on the phone with your online match, let him know in an e-mail.

Say that you don't give out your number, but if he trusts you with his phone number, you would enjoy talking with him on the phone.

Are you not sure or nervous about what things to talk about on the phone? Talking on the phone should actually allow you a chance to get to know someone without having to factor in worries about how you look.

If you are someone who gets nervous or easily tongue-tied, talking on the phone may not come as easily to you as it does to others.

When you receive his response, e-mail him back with the approximate time you will call him.