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Several Buyl's had served as ambassadors, to Granada as well as Christian courts, giving them contacts in many markets.

They seem to have taken a 10% royalty on all sales of pottery, and enjoyed a very high income from these.

These are usually contained in painted compartments.

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Though other types of painted pottry, not usually called Hispano-Moresque ware, were produced in Al-Andaluz earlier, firm evidence of lustreware production is not found before the early or mid-13th century, when it may have been begun by Egyptian potters escaping political disturbances.

Already it was being exported, as some of the earliest evidence is bowls set as decoration into the facades of churches in Pisa when they were built.

Several other towns began to produce lustreware in the same period.

Much, in Valencia most, of the pottery was clearly made for a Christian market, as it includes coats of arms and other Western elements in the decoration.

The pieces "had to be spectacular and elegant, yet every category of vessel had a particular use" and on grand occasions all might be used, even though the largest platters spent most of the time on display propped up vertically on sideboards, as is shown in some contemporary paintings.