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I remember when I first attempted internet flirting advice in the real world. I could actually see their initial attraction and interest in me.

I high-fived girls I met, called them silly names, and even got some kisses. I’d finally gotten a grasp on flirting…or so I thought. I’d meet girls, trade numbers, and not hear a response.

Here are some other interesting facts about flirting and seduction that you didn't know, but probably should.1. You may have thought that a subtle arm touch or a wink might be the extent of flirting, but you're wrong. When it comes to a playful night out with the ladies and flirting just for fun, 83 percent of guys say they don't care how old (or young) you might be.

Lingering touches (more than 10 seconds) like resting your hand on her thigh while talking show a LOT of intention.

Vocal Tonality – A dominant chest voice shows more intention than a submissive head voice.

The purpose of all these examples is to convey one thing and one thing only….

“I want you as a sexual partner and not as just a friend.” Women are attracted to men with honest intentions.

The back, hips, stomach, and legs are more intimate (medium intention). Short touches (under a couple seconds) like a quick hand on the upper arm show the least intention.

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    What are some ways to subtly show your partner you care in public?

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