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Some of his stuff just wasn't stabilized & fixed properly.

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The area was near the front and my father and others were assigned to guard them until their plane was repaired and they could take off again.

My father* is holding a ledger book that he used as a journal and had people make comments in.

I wouldn't even know if markings were consistent with the other vehicles there.

Alas, dad didn't even get any good prints of his or other P-40's either!

Let me know your preference and I'll send the photos. It would be great to get some pics from your father's stuff. I will create a section for him & his jeep photos such as I did for others GIs on my Original Jeep Pics Page. The one picture, #3, with actress Paulette Goddard, and actors Pat O'Brien and Keenan Wynn was taken when their plane developed mechanical problems while they were touring in a USO show. There were 140 DUKW's available to the landing force and they fulfilled an urgent need at Tinian when rough weather precluded all unloading by means other than DUKW's.