Foxy brown dating jay z

It had been reported that Foxy, real name Inga De Carlo Fun Marchand, attended a baby shower where she started questioning the rapper's sexuality and claimed she lost her virginity to him when she was 15 and he was 27.

Because I knew that would be better for my career, but not only that, I love those girls!

I did pattern myself after Salt-N-Pepa and all these other girls that were in the industry, Da Brat, and Lady of Rage. On Cash Money CEO’s Slim & Baby: “See that’s another problem that I have, I’m going to briefly explain this, but here’s another thing that the world doesn’t know …

Find out what she had to say about the rumors after the jump.

" st_image=" has been called a lot of things over his lengthy career, but this is probably the first time he's ever been called a "tranny chaser." '90s rapper Foxy Brown allegedly made the dig about him at a baby shower, of all places, and the rumors quickly made their way around the internet.

She says the man who put her on to the rap game, Jay Z (then 27-years-old), took her virginity when she was just 15-years-old adding Hova (who she says has a horse dick) funded her shopping trips and pampering at hair and nail salons while she was still in high schoolall to get into her panties! During her no holds barred account of her experience with Jay Z, Foxy was reported to clearly display a strong disliking for Jays wife, Beyonce. Hova: Now he is with Beyonce Fuck that halitosis-infected heffa. Hova: “Now he is with Beyonce…Fuck that halitosis-infected heffa.” Ok, I was gonna give this story the benefit of the doubt until this part.