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Back To Top View Artist Bios and Lyrics* Touch the album artwork from the Now Playing screen to view artist biographies, lyrics, and features of the track. S Back To Top Edit Station *Note: you cannot edit or delete individual stations while actively in Shuffle mode.

Back To Top Edit Shuffle To edit which stations are played during Shuffle, go to your Station List by tapping the back arrow in the upper left corner.

Any purchases you make will show up in your i Tunes Music Library on your phone.

Back To Top Sharing Please see this page for more information on Sharing stations, artists, and tracks on i OS.

Back To Top Bookmarks and Purchasing Music Go to the Stations list. To delete a bookmark, tap and hold the track name until a red Delete button appears, then tap Delete.

To buy your bookmarks from i Tunes tap the name of the song, then tap the shopping cart icon.

The search should auto-complete; however, you can also press the blue Search button once to find a list of relevant artists or songs.